Ladies — Does Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s make it EXTRA hard for you to lose weight?

You’re not alone.  Discover how I lost 20 pounds while enjoying wine, chocolate and burgers and skipping hardcore ‘no pain, no gain’ workouts.

Do Any of These Struggles Sound Familiar?

  • Cringing at the number on the scale and avoiding mirrors and cameras
  • Sucking it in to fit into uncomfortably tight clothes
  • Living with low confidence and feeling like a prisoner in your own body
  • Riding the unsuccessful dieting rollercoaster and confused over conflicting advice
  • Tired of being tired ALL THE TIME and just plain miserable


Real Results From Real People

*I really like how your program eases the changes in and educates on why the changes need to be made. Past eating plans overwhelmed me and made me make too many changes at once, which in turn made me quit. Plus they weren’t specific to hypothyroidism and they weren’t making me feel better.

Deanna, who eliminated her debilitating stomach pains within the first week and within the first month lost 9 inches off her waist, hips and chest!

*I’m feeling like a million bucks!!!! Less brain fog, less stomach problems, more energy. I feel like my old self again. No belly bulge. Less gas. My husband and grandson thank you. I THANK YOU.

Terri, who now has energy after working 10-hour days and no longer suffers from daily stomach aches

*I have tried so many diets and read everything I find. You have inspired me to boost my healthful activities. I lost 7 pounds of inflammation in a week. My shape is changing — more of a waist.

Kelly, who has ridden the diet rollercoaster for years

Hi, I’m Lisa

My thyroid problems started in 1998 after the birth of my son. I’m here to help because I lived with these problems for years before I found the solution. There’s no need for you to suffer like I did.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and nearly two decades doing research, trying unsuccessful diets, taking courses, and experimenting with strategies to find the answers. Finally, I broke the code and lost 20 pounds along with a host of painful and frustrating thyroid symptoms.

I wish I had someone to hold my hand through the process and guide me on what to do. That’s why I’m offering my hand out to you.

  • Imagine slimming down without counting calories, deprivation, willpower or punishing workouts.
  • Picture yourself waking up with loads of energy to tackle the day
  • Envision slipping on those skinny jeans with ease.

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