Gretchen Rubin is a habit and happiness guru who promotes strategies you can employ to start new habits or ditch bad ones.  (If you enjoy podcasts, I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Happier podcast.)

Let’s explore one of Gretchen’s most effective habit changing strategies…

The Strategy of the Clean Slate & Using it to Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight? And maybe even conquer some nasty hypothyroid symptoms while you’re at it? Take advantage of the start of the new year.

There’s a sense of novelty and a fresh start — a great time to take advantage of what Gretchen calls the “Strategy of the Clean Slate.”

There’s a phenomenon that occurs when something new happens. When you change your routine, it’s a chance to start a new habit or ditch a negative habit.

According to Gretchen in her book, Better Than Before:  “Any beginning is a time of special power for habit creation, and at certain times we experience a clean slate, in which circumstances change in a way that make a fresh start possible — if we’re alert for the opportunity.”

The best time to begin a new habit is when there’s a change in our lives. If could be the start of a new year, with all of its promise. It could be a change in your relationships — like marriage, divorce, a baby or a death. Or it could be a change in your surroundings like a new home, a new job, retirement, or even just new furniture.

The Strategy of the Clean Slate is a way to harness that special energy of the new beginning we feel when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

It’s a time for new thoughts, new ideas, and new impressions. Don’t let this chance for a fresh start slip away.

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and Self-Care in January

January is a great time to ponder:  What went well last year? What didn’t go as I would have liked? How do I want my life to be different?

It doesn’t matter if you’re into making New Year’s Resolutions or not.

Do you want to slim down? Do you want to tackle some of those nasty thyroid symptoms that make you feel sick and tired all of the time?

Think about how you can do things differently and take advantage of January. Why not start some new routines and habits that will improve your health and quality of life?

Do something symbolic to declare your clean slate. Purge your kitchen of bad stuff. Trash the processed junk in your fridge and pantry. Throw it all out and start fresh. Then stock up on real food.

Need a Boost of Weight Loss Inspiration?

Let’s declare January the month we shout to the rooftops:  “Hypothyroidism — I’m not letting you control my life anymore!”

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