The struggle is real, ladies! When you have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, it can seem like Mission Impossible to drop the weight. Despite your best efforts, the scale won’t budge. Or worse, the needle is moving upward! That was my life for years after my hypothyroidism diagnosis.


My Weight Loss Journey

Once upon a time, I was the queen of epic fails. I tried pills, Hashimoto’s protocols, and punishing myself with hardcore cardio. You name a diet and I’m pretty sure I tried it.

Now I can say with confidence that you don’t have to rely on willpower. That you CAN lose weight without deprivation, calorie counting, or endless hours at the gym. There IS hope to feel confident and fit back into your skinny jeans!

I’m going to share with you 5 slim-down secrets that changed my life. These are the same strategies that I teach my clients who have also enjoyed success. After I earned my health coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and cracked the code, I knew I HAD to share my strategies with every woman feeling as desperate as I once did.


The Easy Button

Just like pairing your meal with the right wine, I’m going to show you how to supercharge my strategies by pairing them with the right essential oils.

Wait…What? Did I say “essential oils?”! Was your first reaction “scam alert!”?

Stick with me here for a moment…

When a friend of mine mentioned essential oils to me, my walls went up fast and high. Doubt and skepticism took over all at once. “That stuff is woo-woo” I told her. I’d tried oils before and they didn’t do a darn thing. Smell nice, though.

That’s when Cindy told me you can’t just go to your local store or shop online and pick up any ‘ole oils. “They’re cheap for a reason,” she said. Lots of synthetic fillers and chemicals. Ew!

She told me that the products would speak for themselves. Just one drop is so powerful.

Those with an open mind, let’s proceed…


5 Secrets to Lose Weight, Even With Hypo & Hashi’s

Secret #1:  You CAN take control of your cravings. But you must know how to tame your hunger hormones. Sugar addicts rejoice! You don’t have to deprive yourself or count calories. It’s about enjoying real, delicious food that gives your thyroid lots of love (and even dine out). More on that later…

Secret #2:  How’s your sleep? When we don’t have enough quality sleep, our hunger hormones get out of whack, causing an increase in cravings and appetite. Plus, poor sleep increases the body’s stress response, lowering our metabolic rate to conserve energy.

Secret #3: Raise your hand if you’re stressed out. Who isn’t? Stress spikes reverse T3, which prevents your cells from absorbing T3, the active form of thyroid hormone that controls your energy and metabolism. If you’re not moving to a meditation retreat any time soon, there are ways to put stress relief on speed dial.

Secret #4: Your body may be holding onto fat to protect your organs from toxins. In today’s world, we can’t avoid chemicals in our air, water and food. They’re in our furniture, dry cleaning, cleaning supplies and personal care products. You can decrease your toxic load and encourage your body to drop the excess fat.

Secret #5: There’s an easy button for energy. A common complaint with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is exhaustion. When you can’t lift yourself off the couch, good luck trying to incorporate movement into your life. And I’m not talking about hours of high-intensity cardio (that will backfire). I’m just advocating for walking, which in turn exponentially increases your energy.


5 Slim-Down Turbochargers You’ll Love

Allow me to introduce you to the Slim-Down Supercharger Kit I bundled together that’s the easiest, fastest, most enjoyable and proven way to incorporate my 5 secrets into your life.

Secret #1 Pairing – The Slim & Sassy Essential Oil Blend includes grapefruit (controls appetite), cinnamon (stabilizes your blood sugar), lemon (detoxifies and uplifts mood), ginger (supports a healthy metabolism), and peppermint (curbs appetite and reduces cravings).* You can put a drop under your tongue or in your water to avoid the afternoon slump, nighttime nibbles, and mindless munchies. I’ve also included Slim & Sassy gum* in this bundle, which can nix grazing and snacking as well as giving you a tool to resist dessert and fattening treats.

Secrets #2 and #3 Pairing – Lavender is your best friend when it comes to managing stress and improving sleep. Breathe it in whenever you’re feeling anxious for instant calm. Diffuse at night or massage a drop on the bottoms of your feet right before bed to improve sleep.

Secret #4 Pairing – Lemon oil is commonly used to cleanse toxins from the body and stimulate lymphatic drainage. And it can do wonders for cellulite! Here’s a simple DIY recipe: Mix lemon oil with coconut oil and rub it into dimpled skin. (Please note: lemon can make your skin photosensitive so avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours.)

Secret #5 Pairing – Among its many fine properties, peppermint oil offers an instant energy boost. Place a drop in your palms, rub them together, make a tent with your hands over your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply. Keep your peppermint oil handy for whenever you need a pick-me-up. It also helps with bloating and digestion.

5 Bonuses to Ensure Your Success

Small habits reap big results. While these essential oils can be life-changing, that doesn’t absolve you from nourishing your body. That’s why I’ve included lots of amazing bonuses for anyone who wants to try the Slim-Down Supercharger Kit!

Slim & Sassy Metabolic Oil Blend and Gum
Essential Oils Trio with Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint

Bonus 1:  Golden Rules of Fat Loss E-book
Bonus 2:  Two-Week Online Oils Camp
Bonus 3:  Personalized Wellness Coaching Session
Bonus 4:  Crush Your Cravings Module of Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions for Hypo & Hashi Gals
Bonus 5:  DIY Essential Oils Recipe Guide

This bundle also includes a doTERRA wholesale membership, which allows you to shop at 25% off retail prices. When my friend Cindy told me about doTERRA, again my walls shot up. What?!? I don’t trust network companies no way, no how. What I discovered though, is that it’s a lot like Costco. You become a member to shop at discount rates, but you never have to buy anything ever again. So while my scam radar was on high alert, I did trust Cindy. I pushed my limited beliefs aside, gave it a try, and never looked back. I was blown away by the pure and potent products, and then when some of my clients tried it and loved the oils, I knew I HAD to share.


How Do **YOU** Want to Feel?

The Slim-Down Supercharger Kit is for you if you feel like you have no control around food and constantly give in to cravings. This is for you if you’re frustrated and confused because no diet seems to work for you, even though it seems to work for others. This is your ticket to stop the guilt and shame of failing on diet after diet and instead enjoy safe, natural solutions that boost your energy and mood as well as support your weight management goals.

The bonuses I’m offering in this bundle will give you the foundation of nutrition strategies that specifically work for ladies struggling with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. The oils in the kit will give you an extra edge to boost your metabolism and manage your hunger cravings.

Get your Slim-Down Supercharger Kit and all of the bonuses HERE. If you have any questions, or if you live outside the U.S., please contact me at [email protected]. This is a limited-time opportunity so join us now! What are you waiting for? 🙂




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