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Hi, I’m Lisa Glaser.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years finding the answers to overcome the challenges of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.  Here’s a little about my journey and how it can help you.

My Hypo & Hashi’s Story 

After the birth of my son in 1998, I was a hot mess. I should have been blissfully bonding with my newborn, but was totally, utterly exhausted to my core.

I literally BEGGED my doctor to order a thyroid test for me. You can probably guess what she said:

“Of course you’re exhausted — you just had a baby!”

I pleaded: “I know that something more is going on here.” She gave in and sent me for blood work.

A few days later, my doctor apologized profusely. She told me the lab said my results were so extreme they were surprised I was functioning at all. To which I replied, “I told you I felt like a zombie!”

I was one of the lucky ones though. I was fortunate to get a diagnosis – Postpartum Thyroiditis. So many women know deep down that something is terribly wrong, but their doctors either won’t test them or test them and proclaim their TSH is ‘normal.’

My doctor prescribed Synthroid for my thyroid and Prozac for the depression. At first it worked, but my symptoms returned with a vengeance – fatigue, constipation, weight struggles, popsicle toes, stomach pain, bloating, unexplained rashes, dry skin, moodiness, depression, hair loss, joint pain, insomnia, brain fog and memory problems that made me feel like an idiot.

I was miserable. My relationships suffered. I didn’t recognize myself. Who was this person I’d become?

Maybe you can relate to some of the same struggles?

I did tons of research and years later went back to the doctor. I asked to be tested for Hashimoto’s. The response: Why would we do that when we’d treat it with the same medication you’re using now?”

Apparently 95% of people with hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s. Most don’t even know it.

Could that be you?

I told the doctor the research I’d done suggested that thyroid experts were finding success using food as medicine. I also learned that if you have one autoimmune condition, you’re more at risk to develop others.

The doctor blew me off.  Diet has nothing to do with it, she said. Of course, later I discovered that conventional doctors get very little nutrition instruction during their medical school training.

Searching For Answers

It was time to take my health into my own hands.

Desperate for answers, I devoured books, blogs, summits, webinars and podcasts. I even enrolled in health coaching school and earned my certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Ironically, I never intended to become a health coach. But once I graduated, I knew I had to share what I had learned.

I was determined that my thyroid symptoms would not be my ‘normal.’

When my son got his driver’s license — 16 years later! — I finally found out that I did indeed have Hashimoto’s.

I knew I needed to make an investment in my health. Insurance didn’t cover the naturopathic doctor visit and many of the functional medicine tests, but I was able to get a thyroid ultrasound and comprehensive blood work.

The doc started out by saying, “To treat your Hashimoto’s…” I interrupted. “I have Hashimoto’s?” He was shocked:  “Nobody ever told you that? It’s obvious from your blood test results.” Tears sprang to my eyes.  Just to know was such a relief.

Fast Forward to Today

It took some time to find the right medication and dosage – which was key. I changed my nutrition and implemented lifestyle modifications that I’d learned through my research and studies.

And I still eat chocolate, drink red wine, and enjoy food. (I’d even say I’m a burger connoisseur.) Plus, I don’t spend hours at the gym.

Today, I’m 20 pounds lighter.

My energy fuels me to work full-time, health coach part-time, and raise two teenagers. While I still have a few symptoms, they are tolerable now. I still wear socks to bed. But I no longer need an IV drip of coffee to get through the day. And, I no longer suffer almost daily stomach pain that caused me to double over.

What This Means for You

My journey can benefit you by saving you loads of time, frustration and money (I spent tens of thousands of dollars seeking answers!). I am passionate about helping other women transform their health. I curated the best of the best of what I’ve learned and what works to help you lose weight and feel great.

That’s how Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions for Women With Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s was born.

If you can relate, you’re in the right place.


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