A wonderful four-day holiday weekend. And now, reality hits. The scale reads six pounds up — no exaggeration. A new binge record.

Ugh — a full-blown food hangover. I’m dragging. My eyes are puffy. I didn’t sleep well. My stomach is bloated, brain is foggy, and my joints ache. My digestion is off kilter and I have embarrassing gas. I just. feel. so. heavy.

Gosh this looks a lot like a Hashimoto’s flareup!

Skip the Guilt After a Binge

You know what I’m NOT doing right now that I used to do all the time? I’m not hating on myself. Or beating myself up. I’m just picking myself up, dusting myself off, and rocking a loose, all-black outfit.

And I’m moving on using the same tools and strategies I share with clients. I’m not going to let this weekend slide down the slippery slope to last a week, or a month, or more.

The all-out binges when I eat everything in the pantry and fridge doesn’t happen with nearly the same frequency these days. But it does occasionally happen. Even health coaches are far from perfect.

Ask Yourself “Why?”

Besides skipping the shame and guilt, there’s something else I do now. I try to learn from the situation. Why did I go on a bender?

Oh, I know why. I spent over 40 hours this weekend working on my new online weight loss program. My passion is to help women with  hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s lose weight and improve nasty thyroid symptoms. And I’m scared as heck that this project will flop after I’m spending so much time, effort and money to create this ‘masterpiece.’

Lesson learned.

Even Health Coaches Binge Sometimes

Even health coaches have food benders. Judging by the food my colleagues wolfed down at the wellness conference I recently attended, I’m not alone. (Ginormous ‘healthy’ brownies and cookies, burgers and fries — hello!)  

Okay, maybe there are some perfect eaters in this industry. But here’s a little secret — most of us became health coaches because we had our own demons to tackle. There’s no shame in helping people overcome the challenges you — or someone you care about — dealt with.

I’m not perfect.  I tried that. It didn’t work.

Permission to Indulge Occasionally

I know that a few of those six pounds is water from all of the salt I consumed. (Update: down three the next morning) But I also know I earned a few of those pounds from things like double chocolate cake, jalapeno potato chips, bottles (yes bottles) of red wine, and the outrageous spread my mom whipped up for the holiday.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re not really living if you can’t allow yourself an indulgence here or there. (That’s why the weight loss program I’m launching includes chocolate and wine!)

However, when you’re primed to go overboard and give in to temptation, conjure up your future self. How will you feel about this in an hour? How will you feel about this tomorrow?

I’m going to remember how this food hangover feels. And try to avoid a repeat performance.

Every choice is a chance.


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