There are tons of weight loss programs on the market. (And I’ve tried most of them!) What makes Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions different?

I’ve spent nearly two decades finding the answers specifically for women facing the challenges of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I’ve cut through the clutter and conflicting information to bring you proven weight loss strategies and help you transform your life.

I support you every step of the way. I hold your hand through the process to make sure you’re not overwhelmed.

Here’s my philosophy — you don’t need to count calories, always feel deprived, or punish your body with hard core workouts. Personally, I cannot envision life without red wine, chocolate and burgers.


This Step-by-Step System Can Transform Your Life


  • Lose Weight — Shed pounds you’ve been struggling to lose
  • Elevate Energy — Wake up feeling ready to take on the day
  • Banish Bloat — Finally zip up those skinny jeans
  • Curb Cravings — Stop relying on willpower
  • Battle Brain Fog — Think more clearly and sharpen your memory
  • Squash Stomach Pains — Clear up debilitating digestion issues
  • Manage Your Moods — Stop feeling irritable, stressed and depressed
  • Some people also find relief from other thyroid symptoms like joint pain and soreness, skin rashes, and more

9 Reasons Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions for

Women With Hypo & Hashi’s  IS Right for You:

  • You despise restriction, deprivation and calorie counting
  • You want a plan that you can embrace long-term
  • You are ready to give up on diets once and for all
  • You want to improve your quality of life
  • You can relate to the concept of ‘progress not perfection’
  • You are ready to take care of yourself, which positively impacts those around you
  • You want a step-by-step system to overcome, NOT overwhelm
  • You’re excited about building healthy habits that don’t require willpower
  • It’s your time to look and feel great

Let’s get you started on your own journey.

The bottom line is — thyroid symptoms don’t have to control your life.


What Exactly Will I Learn?

You’ll receive a comprehensive toolbox to put you on the road to success. I give you tools, not rules. Each week, you’ll get a video with that week’s Transformation Strategy along with goals, action steps, interactive worksheets, and motivational emails. We’ll cover:

  • The one food you must avoid if you have hypo or Hashi’s, even though it’s touted as a health food
  • Why you must become friends with fat in order to shed fat, and which fats to choose
  • How to curb cravings so you won’t need to rely on willpower or ‘white-knuckling it’
  • How to master your mindset — sometimes it’s not WHAT you eat but WHY you eat
  • Strategies to stop sabotaging yourself
  • The best way to start your day and why nighttime is the right time for carbs
  • Why there’s a 99% chance you’re eating a LOT more sugar than you realize
  • How to incorporate movement into your life and love it
  • How to burn fat while you sleep
  • How to stop feeling stressed out and why it’s critical to weight loss
  • How to purge toxins that make your body hold onto weight
  • Why gut health is critical and whether you really need to ditch all gluten, grains or dairy


Real Results From Real People


*I really like how your program eases the changes in and educates on why the changes need to be made. Past eating plans overwhelmed me and made me make too many changes at once, which in turn made me quit. Plus they weren’t specific to hypothyroidism and they weren’t making me feel better.

Deanna, who eliminated her debilitating stomach pains within the first week and within the first month lost 9 inches off her waist, hips and chest!

*I’m feeling like a million bucks!!!! Less brain fog, less stomach problems, more energy. I feel like my old self again. No belly bulge. Less gas. My husband and grandson thank you. I THANK YOU.

Terri, who now has energy after working 10-hour days and no longer suffers from daily stomach aches

*I have tried so many diets and read everything I find. You have inspired me to boost my healthful activities. I lost 7 pounds of inflammation in a week. My shape is changing — more of a waist.

Kelly, who has ridden the diet rollercoaster for years

Here’s What You Get With  Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions

for Women With Hypo & Hashi’s:

Learn what to eat, why, and when to eat for ultimate fat burning. We’ll unlock the secrets of carbs and fat loss.  We also delve into mindset mastery — it’s not always WHAT you eat, but WHY you eat. You’ll discover strategies to overcome emotional eating and self-sabotage. You’ll learn about critical lifestyle modifications like movement, sleep, stress and toxin reduction. Plus, we’ll discuss the importance of gut health and food intolerances.

This package includes:

  • 8 Weekly Step-by-Step Modules — Video presentations feature details on the transformation strategies with goals and action steps for the week.
  • Thyroid Symptom Tracker — Figure out what helps improve your symptoms.
  • Progress Tracker — Record your weight and inches as the pounds drop off.
  • Daily Journal —  Monitor how what you eat impacts your energy, mood, digestion and sleep.
  • Thyroid 101 book — Everything your doctor should have told you but probably didn’t.
  • Worksheets — Put the transformation strategies into practice.
  • Check-ins  — Help you feel accountable and stick with the program.
  • Private Facebook Support Group — You’re not alone. Share what you’re going through with a community of women experiencing the same challenges. We hold weekly Q & As and monthly 5-day challenges to practice the transformation strategies together. 
  • Weekly Recipe Books — Easy, quick, healthy and yummy meal ideas.
  • Forever Access — Once you purchase the program, it’s yours to keep forever. You can revisit all of the modules any time you want.

Special Bonuses if You Act Now

Weekly Accountability Bonuses — You’ll be motivated to check in to get a special bonus. In exchange for your feedback at the end of the week, I send you an accountability bonus — there’s something new each week.

A 1-hour 1-on-1 Strategy Session: I personally meet with you via phone or online to supercharge your success — a $300 value!

Money Back Guarantee 

Not sure if the Step-by-Step Weight Loss Solutions for Women With Hypo & Hashi’s is right for you?

Try the first 21 days of the program risk free!

If within the first 21 days you’re not sure the program is right for you, just let me know—and I’ll refund your money!

You owe it to yourself to try my step-by-step weight loss solutions risk free right now!

Still have questions? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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